WHAT YOU GET WIth your photo package


Choosing to work with Wild Coast Photography means you’ll be utilizing over a decade of experience for your event. Jenn has been shooting as a hobbyist and a professional for more than 12 years. During that time she has hiked mountains with couples, seen her work printed in newspapers and online, and dabbled in everything ranging from photojournalism to studio headshots. Dillen grew up in the film industry, which he ironically aimed to stay as far away from as possible. However, his eye for captivating images can only be described as natural and exquisite. Together, the two of them make a powerful duo capable of capturing every detail, editing to perfection, and truly making the most out of the photography experience for any client.


Genuine Connection

In a world as fast-paced as we are today, asking what someone studied is almost about discovering how far from their academic self they have come. Jenn has degrees in Journalism, History, Political Science, and International Peace Studies. Those might sound like a far cry from “photographer,” but she wouldn’t be here without them! The genuine connection and love of story-telling that led her to study Journalism and History is the same thing that drives her photo work. Dillen has a masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, which he swears translates in no way to his photography. Yet, his biology background and extra curricular environmental work means he can identify most trees, plants, and animals and you’ll undoubtedly learn something incredible after a session outdoors with him!


The Wild Coast Photography team is committed to ensuring that you are prepared and ready to have the experience of a lifetime on your wedding day. Planning sessions and resources will provide everything you need to know to have a safe time adventuring outside - even if you’re in a new place. We will discuss everything from clothing to shoes to snacks to alternate plans in the case of a freak storm. Please tell us all your hopes, and fears, so we can work together and create a plan perfectly suited to your dreams.



our values and promises

  1. Protecting the environment we are shooting in is a top priority.

  2. We are working for YOU.

    • Prioritizing your day means we need adequate time and space to make sure we can do our best work.

    • We will ask for a general day plan prior to your event, and will not book any other session for the day of your booking.

  3. We strive to be lifelong students with open minds and open arms.

    • If you ever believe our approach or attitude is not inclusive, we welcome critique!

  4. We put in the work to actively elevate and support members of systematically disenfranchised communities.

    • We are aware that being a white cisgendered/heterosexual married couple working in the wedding industry makes us uniquely privileged to align with the normality that is historic whitewashing of western wedding culture.

    • We aim to go beyond simply not discriminating - we promise to support those dismantling oppressive systems in the US and around the world.


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