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Photographer & Editor

This is where I use all those one-word modifiers to explain myself: wife, dog-mom, traveler, fun-loving. But the reality is I am just as serious as I am silly. I care as much about protecting the environment as I wish to play barefoot in the sand or run through a field.

Let’s grab coffee, or tea. Let’s talk about life, and photos, and your dreams.

What you should know about me is that I am passionate above all else. Passionate about stories and people and the significance of seemingly small things. It’s the small things that make our impact on this life something so beautiful.

For those interested - I am an INFJ and 4w3.




Dillen asked that I write this bio for him, since he’s currently covered in wood glue and copper wire. This man is my husband and my best friend. For this business he drives, acts as second-shooter, massages my shoulders after hours of editing photos, and remembers that our dog needs to go outside to pee. He’s a craftsman and a musician, a mechanic and storyteller.

I quite literally have no idea where I would be without him.

Wedding, elopement, event, and adventure photography, adventure elopements, outdoor weddings, and travel photography.


Professional bringer of stoke

Would it even be a proper introduction without highlighting our dog? Sam is a particular kind of animal. Loving and affectionate to most people, he definitely does not know he is a dog. We could take him to the park, but he thinks chasing sticks are beneath him. He will follow us up any mountain and hike 15 miles no problem, but is also down for multi-day road trips and never complains. He’s our co-pilot, best friend, and 25 pounds of pure lovable fluff. You’ll definitely meet him on any shoot accessible to four-legged friends.


how this team came to be


Dillen and I have one of those cheesy love stories that you only see in movies. No, really. Keep reading.

We met in December 2017 in Ireland, where we both went to grad school. Except, we attended school in different years and didn’t go to the same university. Actually, we worked at the same bike shop. But we didn’t do that at the same time either. I had just started my M.Phil. in International Peace Studies at Trinity College Dublin when Dillen returned for his graduation with an M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College Dublin. (An important aspect of this story is that Irish universities have their graduation six to twelve months after you finish classes). He stopped by the cycling shop where he worked the previous year and was told he should meet the “new American” working the sales floor - me. After talking to him for about five minutes, I had somehow convinced him to meet me at a pub that evening. He didn't tell me until later that he doesn’t drink!

Dillen was only in Ireland for three days, so we had about 30 hours to get to know each other. When he returned to California, I quickly decided to go home for the holidays and booked flights back to Seattle for three weeks later. Dillen decided to drive the 15 hours and meet me at my parents house. After another week together, we decided to intentionally work toward a healthy long-distance relationship until I was finished with school. Over the next six months, we saw each other twice. I came to California, and he came back to Ireland. We relied heavily on daily video calls. In July 2018 I moved in with him in Santa Cruz, and a year later we moved into a van.

He is the spontaneity to my planning, the kindness to my anxiety. The opposite of me in so many ways. We wouldn’t be where we are now without each other, and we can thank a sketchy Dublin bike shop for that!

Photo by  Cedar&Pines

Photo by Cedar&Pines