Below are answers to some of my most commonly asked questions. If you do not see the answer you are seeking below, please send me a message!


Q. Are Travel Expenses Included in Session Fees?

A. Yes! All travel fees, hotel bookings, and flights are included in the package pricing.


Q. What if we Want a destination wedding/ELOPEMENT and you are already planning to travel to our location? would the price be cheaper?

A. If the location of your wedding, elopement, or event is already on our travel schedule, and the dates align, contact us ASAP to check availability. Discounts are sometimes available for bookings that align with our already-established travel schedule.


Q. What in included in the packages? Why don’t you charge for travel?

A. Our “all-inclusive” pricing style gives us the flexibility to book flights and hotels without placing any financial pressure on our clients. For example, you wouldn’t want to be charged more just because the cheaper hotel rooms are already booked, neither would we! So we take on the responsibility of bookings and rentals for ourselves so you can focus solely on your event.

Our package pricing breaks down differently based on the requirements of each location we shoot at (like if we have to rent a car), but you won’t see any price changes on your end.

An example of what your package covers - flights for two people, rental car, gas, lodging for two nights, meals, venue insurance, planning and preparation prior to the event, 6-10 hours of photography on the day of the event, editing post-event, and the use of our photography/videography at the event.

Q. Will you help us plan our wedding/Elopement?

A. To the extent that the planning is travel-specific, yes! Part of the reason I have pursued this profession is my love for the places we visit. I cannot wait to share with you the natural beauty and wonder of our planet’s greatest gems. I can also recommend caterers, event planners, florists, and other industry professionals to help you tackle all the little details. However, I cannot be available for all the grunt work. Hiring my photo services means I need two hands free to focus on capturing memories.


Q. How many people can be at an elopement?

A. Eloping is no longer the age-old satire of running away to get married in secret. Instead, ‘elopement’ is a term often used to describe an intimate wedding ceremony focused on the two in love, with less priority placed on creating a big event. The number of people in attendance is entirely up to you! Depending on state laws, elopements can be legal with as little as two to five people in attendance. But for the sake of booking this package through Wild Coast Photography, elopements are essentially intimate weddings, with a maximum of 25 people.


Q. PHotographers seem to be creating an adventure wedding Niche, Do you do traditional weddings?

A. Yes! That is the simple answer. Of course, my personal experience playing in the outdoors directly correlates to my strengths taking photos of people outside in intimate settings. Those skills may not as obviously relate to weddings with 150+ people in attendance, but I promise they do. A wedding is first and foremost about celebrating the people committing their lives to each other, and I’ll never forget that.


Q. How does weather/Lighting affect outdoor weddings and elopements?

A. Many people book photographers who specialize in outdoor events with a specific place or photo in mind. I so often get people asking about the sunset shot at a specific location, for example. Part of the booking process will be to decide if sunrise, sunset, or midday makes the most sense for your plans. Do you want the sun on the eastern mountains? Do you hate harsh light? Do you want to avoid rain at all costs? We will discuss all of these things. Taking photos outside can always come with surprises. It is my job to know the landscape well enough to give you a good idea of what will happen, and we can work together to prepare for everything else.